J.PERIOD’s epic tribute to God’s Son is hosted by Nas himself and features exclusive interviews conducted by J.PERIOD, plus rare freestyles, previously unreleased tracks and new J.PERIOD remixes. Featured in The Source "Hottest Mixtapes" at the time of its release, J.PERIOD's Best of Nas set a new standard for mixtapes, merging interview segments with Nas' own music to create a unique and unprecedented musical narrative. The Best Of Nas can also be credited for launching J.PERIOD's award-winning tribute series, which now boasts collaborations with GRAMMY winners Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, The Roots, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, John Legend, and more. A must-have for any Nas fan.


Track Listing

1. Intro: '91 Freestyle (J.PERIOD Exclusive)
2. Live at the BBQ
3. Made You Look (Remix) feat. Ludacris
4. Made You Shook (J.PERIOD Exclusive)
5. Righteous Records (Interview Interlude)
6. Nas is Like
7. Represent
8. Halftime
9. If I Ruled the World feat. Lauryn Hill
10. It Was Written Freestyle
11. Dr. Knockboot
12. Ultimate High feat. Nature
13. Street Dreams
14. Silent Murder
15. You're the Man
16. Doo Rags
17. Memory Lane
18. The Message (Mafioso Remix)
19. Lifes a Bitch feat. AZ
20. What Goes Around (Poison)
21. One Mic
22. I Gave You Power
23. NY State of Mind
24. NY State of Mind Part 2
25. Eye for an Eye
26. Get Down
27. No Idea's Original
28. White Label Freestyle
29. One Love
30. One Love b/w Hell on Earth (J.PERIOD Remix)
31. Affirmative Action (St. Denis Style Remix)
32. The Second Coming
33. It Ain't Hard to Tell (Remix)
34. It Ain't Hard to Tell
35. The World is Yours
36. Nas vs. Jay-Z (Interlude)
37. Ether (Outtro)

Bonus Tracks:
38. Street Dreams [J.PERIOD Remix]
39. One Love [J.PERIOD Abstract Remix] feat. Q-Tip
40. Ill Street Blues [J.PERIOD Remix] feat. Kool G. Rap