Acclaimed lyricist and hip hop vet Skillz joins forces with Jazzy Jeff & J.Period, to present Infamous Quotes. With a celebrated history of ghostwriting credits for many of hip hop’s most famous MCs, lyrical legend Skillz is back to demonstrate the lost art of writing. Mixing pop-culture samples with original production by Alchemist, Nottz, Jazzy Jeff & Don Cannon, Infamous Quotes provides the perfect forum for Skillz to illustrate what the world needs more of. Highlights include "The Last Laugh (J.Period Didn't Do It! Remix)" - a hilarious hip hop tale of a real-life bet between Skillz & Questlove gone awry. For more from Skillz and J.PERIOD, check out Design of a Decade.

Track Listing

1. Infamous Quotes Intro
2. Skillz feat. Will Ferrell
3. Infamous Quotes Great Skillz (Interlude)
4. This Sh_t Right Here! F. Katt Williams (Produced by Nottz)
5. I Wanna Rock (Remix) F. Corey Carter
6. Up All Night F. Chaka Khan (Produced by Rik Marvel)
7. What Makes A Dope DJ (Interlude)
8. Wave Yo Hands Remix Boogie feat. Skillz
9. It's Working (J.Period Intro)
10. Infamous Quotes What Happened to Hip Hop (Interlude)
11. Who Gon Check Me boo feat. Sheree Whitfield
12. Infamous Quotes We Got A Problem Here (Interlude)
13. Infamous Quotes Always Be Closing! (Interlude)
14. I Gotchu Greestyle (Prod. by Harley)
15. Infamous Quotes Listen To The Lyrics! (Interlude)
16. Break Up Freestyle
17. Infamous Quotes Microphone Fiend (Interlude)
18. Microphone (Produced by Alchemist)
19. Hip Hop Confessions Jazzy Jeff (Interlude)
20. Nightmares Intro
21. Nightmares feat. Liam Neeson & Truck North & J-Mar
22. Infamous Quote Sneakin in the Movies (Interlude)
23. So Ghetto Feat. Keyshia Cole
24. Infamous Quotes Crunch (Interlude)
25. Things Groupies Say (_No_)
26. Disclaimer Based on a True Story (Interlude)
27. The Last Laugh (J.Period Didn't Do It! Remix)
28. Props to Jazzy Jeff & J.Period (Interlude)
29. Practice Feat. Bubbachuck (Produced by Jazzy Jeff)
30. The Kickback Feat. Felicia Snoop Pearson (Produced by Don Cannon)
31. Infamous Quotes Outtro His Mama Named Him Clay

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