Previously unreleased and available for streaming only on jperiod.com, J.PERIOD's magnum opus tribute to Mary J. Blige is the stuff of legends: a 3 CD epic journey throughout the life and career of the Queen of Hip Hop-Soul, featuring MJB hip hop and soul hits, remixes, rarities, behind-the-scenes interviews and exclusive Mary tracks produced by J.PERIOD, and never before released. Guests include a who's who of A-list hip hop and R&B stars, including: Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, LL Cool J, Method Man and more. This project is officially co-signed by Mary J. herself, the only mixtape of its kind to pay tribute to the Queen with her blessing.

Track Listing


1. WMJB Feat. Kool DJ Red Alert 
2. I Love You (Remix) Feat. Smif N Wessun
3. MJB: Have A Good Time (Interlude)
4. Mary Jane (Remix) Feat. LL Cool J
5. Mary Jane (All Night Long)
6. Love No Limit
7. Be Happy
8. Be Happy (Bad Boy Remix)
9. Be Happy (J.Period Remix)
10. You Don't Have to Worry Feat. Craig Mack (J.Period Remix)
11. You Don't Have to Worry (Remix)
12. Check It Out Feat. Grand Puba
13. All My Love (J.Period Remix) 
14. New York City (Interlude)
15. MJB: On Marvin & Tammy (Interlude)
16. All I Need Feat. Marvin Gae & Tammy Terrell (J.Period Remix)
17. All I Need Feat. Method Man
18, All I Need Feat. Method Man (RZA Remix)
19. As We Proceed (Interlude)
20. Everyday It Rains (Unreleased)
21. MJB: Rain Or Shine (Interlude)
22. Can't Knock The Hustle Feat. Jay-Z
23. I'm A Hustla (Remix) Feat. Cassidy
24. Hooked (In The Club) (Unreleased)
25. Ooh (G-Unit Remix) Feat. 50 Cent
26. Leave A Message: Q-Tip
27. Real Love (J.Period Remix)
28. Real Love Feat. Biggie (Remix)
29. Family Affair (Remix) Feat. Jadakiss Leave Message: Mister Cee
30. You Bring Me Joy
31. Hate It Or Love It (Remix)
32. MJB: Back To Life (Interlude)
33. Back To Life (J.Period Remix) 
34. Back To Life Feat. Jadakiss (J.Period Remix) 
35. Back To Life F. (Jb Remix)
36. MJB Meeting Aretha (Interlude)
37. Rock Steady Feat. Jay-Z (Unreleased)
38. Never Too Much Feat. Luther Vandross (J.Period Tribute Remix)
39. MJB: The Color Of Music (Interlude)
40. <b>Disrespectful Feat. Big Daddy Kane (Prod. By J.Period)
41. Dolly My Baby Feat. Supercat & Biggie
42. MJB: Aww Biggie (Interlude)
43. What's The 411? (Dreams Remix) Feat. Biggie
44. What's The 411? (Remix) Feat. Biggie
45. What's The 411? Feat. Grand Puba
46. My Struggles Feat. Missy Elliot
47. PSA: One Of Us (Interlude)
48. Sincerity Feat. DMX & Nas
49. Love Is All We Need (Subway Remix) (Prod. By J.Period)


1. WMJB Intro Feat. Kid Capri
2. All That I Can Say
3. Ghostface Interlude
4. Your Child Remix Feat. Ghostface
5. Leave A Message: CL Smooth
6. Reminisce (Remix) Feat. CL Smooth
7. You Remind Me (Bad Boy Remix)
8. You Remind Me Feat. Greg Nice (J.Period Remix) 
9. You Remind Me (Don't Look Remix)
10. Can't Get You Off My Mind Feat. The Lox (J.Period Remix)
11. Can't Help It Feat. Jadakiss (Unreleased)
12. Didn't Mean (J.Period Remix) 
13. Love Is All We Need (J.Period Remix)
14. Love Is All We Need Feat. Nas (J.Period Remix)
15. MJB Searching For Self (Interlude)
16. Searching
17. MJB: Searching For Sunshine Interlude
18. My Life
19. Leave A Message: Alicia Keys
20. Message In Our Music
21. All That I Got Is You Feat. Ghostface
22. Come Close Feat. Common
23. Come Close Feat. Q-Tip (J.Period Remix)
24. 911 Feat. Wyclef
25. Be With You (Remix) Feat. Lauryn Hill
26. Lauryn On Mary (Interlude)
27. I Used To Love Him Feat. Lauryn Hill
28. MJB: On Meth
29. I'm Goin Down (Remix)
30. I'm Goin Doen (J.Period Remix) Feat. Mr. Cheeks
31. Round & Round (Remix) Feat. Big Pun
32. Round & Round
33. MC Lyte Interlude
34. Take Me As I Am Feat. Les Nubians & MC Lyte (Produced By J.Period)
35. Les Nubians / Global Influence (Interlude)
36. I Can Love You (J.Period Remix)
37. I can Love You (Remix) Feat. Lil Kim
38. Touch Me Tease Me Feat. Foxy Brown & Case
39. MJB: Second Chances (Interlude)
40. No More Drama
41. I Try Feat. Talib Kweli
42. Beautiful (Remix) Feat. Blackstarr
43. The Message Feat. Dr. Dre


1. WMJB: Enough Cryin (Intro)
2. MJB: Grateful (Interlude)
3. We Ride (I See The Future)
4. Be Without You
5. I'm The Only Woman
6. PSA: Fans Show Love (Interlude)
7. MJB: Carwash Soundtrack (Interlude)
8. I'm Going Down
9. I Found My Everything
10. Natural Woman / Aretha (Interlude)
11. You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)
12. Don't Wate Your Time Feat. Aretha Franklin
13. MJB: Living Witness (Interlude)
14. Star for Life
15. Your Child
16. Seven Days
17. MJB: Do Something Good (Interlude)
18. Missing You
19. PSA: Mary Is The Truth (Interlude)
20. Take Me As I Am
21. MJB: Honesty In The Music (Interlude)
22. Sweet Thing
23. Never Been
24. Everything
25. Mary's Joint
26. Kid Capri 411 Interlude
27. I Don't Want To Do Anything (Remix)
28. Deep Inside
29. Dream
30. My Life ('06 Remix)
31. The Wind Cries Mary (Interlude)
32. Not Gon Cry
33. Love Don't Live Here Anymore Feat. Faith Evans
34. No More Drama (P. Diddy Remix)