J.PERIOD & Present #MARCH9REVISITED, the third and final installment in this award-winning and critically acclaimed B.I.G. Remix Series. 17 years after the passing of one of hip hop's all-time greats, J.PERIOD revisits the catalog of Brooklyn's Finest to re-imagine classic B.I.G. verses over a diverse collection of tracks that speculate on what hip hop might be like if The Notorious was still around… The result is a non-stop collection of remixes over new and classic instrumentals from Nas, Jay Z, Fabolous, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, 2Chainz, Cam'ron, Busta Rhymes and more. Also includes J.PERIOD’s signature interview clips and personal insights from Puffy, Jay, Snoop, and B.I.G himself. Celebrate the life and music of the late great Frank White with #MARCH9REVISITED. BROOKLYN ALL DAY!


Also available:
J.PERIOD & DJ G Brown's #MARCH9 Vol. 1 and #MARCH9 Vol. 2.

Track Listing

1. Victory (Hate Me) feat. Busta Rhymes (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
2. Let’s Get It On (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
3. Notorious feat. Lil Kim & Puffy (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
4. One Last Chance (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
5. B.I.G.’s Different (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
6. Benjamins feat. Lil Kim (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
7. Spread Love (Cool Out Remix) [Produced by J.PERIOD] (Exclusive)
8. Hey Ma (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
9. Warning Message (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
10. Queen B feat. Lil Kim & JAY Z (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
11. Welcome to Brooklyn (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
12. In the System feat.  Jay Electronica (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
13. Better Moves (Interlude) feat. JAY Z
14. Sky’s The Limit (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
15. Media Hype (Interlude) feat. Snoop Dogg
16. Dreams & Nightmares (J.Period Remix) (Exclusive)
17. You’re Nobody (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
18. Beamer Benz (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
19. Armed & Dangerous (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
20. The One In Front Of The Gun feat. T.I. (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
21. Darkness Falls (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
22. Bonus: Party & Bullsh*t (Ratatat Remix)

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