Originally produced for Hot 97 on the aniversary of Dilla's passing, J.PERIOD's DILLA X PUN Tribute imagines the music that two of hip hop's most iconic artists would have made, if they ever recorded together. Released Feb 10, 2011 (the 5th anniversary of Dilla's passing and what would have been Big Pun's 40th birthday), DILLA X PUN gives fans a quick taste of this hip hop dream scenario with rapid-fire Pun vocals over classic Dilla beats.

Track Listing

1. R.I.P. Pun/Dilla (Intro) f. Black Thought
2. Toe to Toe (J.PERIOD Pun/Dilla ReFix) f. Big Pun  & Cuban Link
3. You Ain't a Killa (J.PERIOD Pun/Dilla ReFix) f. Big Pun
4. John Blaze (J.PERIOD Pun/Dilla ReFix) f. Big Pun & Fat Joe