J.PERIOD Presents… #WakandaForeverEver [Mixtape]


Award-winning DJ/Producer J.PERIOD (Billboard #1 album for The Hamilton Mixtape) takes listeners on an exclusive journey into the secret forests between Wakanda and Stankonia, sampling the Black Panther score and soundtrack to create exclusive new Outkast remixes that explore the roots of hip hop in the African drum, themes of empowerment and identity, and the musical intersections between the Afro-futuristic world of Black Panther and intergalactic funk of Outkast. Cover art by Dan Lish.

[Extended Edition] includes an unreleased bonus track featuring Sterling K. Brown as N'Jobu!!

DOWNLOAD: #WakandaForeverEver [Extended Edition] [Onetrack]

ALT DOWNLOAD: #WakandaForeverEver [Extended Edition] [Onetrack]

Track Listing

1. Wakandan Airlines [Sky High] [J.PERIOD Remix]
2. Seasons Change b/w Afro-Future [J.PERIOD Remix]
3. Wakanda vs. Babylon [J.PERIOD Remix]
4. T’Challa vs. Killmonger [Elevation Anthem] [J.PERIOD Remix]
5. Gotta Come Provocative [Interlude] featuring Raekwon
6. T’Rosa Parks [J.PERIOD Remix]
7. Royal Panther b/w Wakandan Belle [J.PERIOD Remix]
8. All Hail The Dora Milaje [Interlude]
9. Wakandan Church Cookout [J.PERIOD Remix]
10. Storytellin’ [J.PERIOD “Fela-bration” Remix] feat. Daniel Crawford
11. WakandATLiens [J.PERIOD Remix]
12. Jabariland Outkasts [Outtro] [J.PERIOD Remix]
13. Bombs Over Wakanda [Reprise] [J.PERIOD Remix]
14. Bonus: T’Challa in ATL [J.PERIOD Remix]
15. Download Only: The Story of Hip Hop [N’Jobu Speaks] featuring Sterling K. Brown

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