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J.PERIOD’s 2013 summer started by paying musical tribute to one of basketball’s greatest living legends, Julius Erving, with original theme music composed and produced exclusively for NBA TV’s The Doctor.

Airing June 10 during the 2013 NBA Finals, The Doctor arrived on the 30th anniversary of the Philadelphia 76ers’ 1983 title, looking back on the life and storied career of the team’s leader.  The film includes highlights from Erving’s NBA years, rare and spectacular footage from his days in the ABA, and never-before-heard interviews about his life both on and off the court. 

Pushing the boundaries of convention for a sports documentary, J.PERIOD imagined a new kind of soundtrack for The Doctor.

“Traditionally these documentaries are not known for original music,” states J.PERIOD.  “But Dr. J was such a dynamic and groundbreaking player, so it seemed like the perfect project to try something new.  Conceptualizing the soundtrack, my mind flashed to the NBA films I grew up on and the ways music was used in those films: to draw you in emotionally to a player’s story, and to hype the energy of the highlight reels.  Each storyline usually has its own musical theme, but in my mind I heard a hybrid of the two: an emotional, orchestral theme fused with a hip hop anthem, like a symphony and its own remix in one.  Collaborating with James Poyser took the track to another level, and I’m thrilled with the results.”

The results, co-written by James Poyser & J.PERIOD, and produced by J.PERIOD, has been praised as “innovative” and “unique” by Complex Magazine and earned rave reviews in the NBA community.

“If you ever hear Michael Jordan talk,” says 2013 NBA Finals MVP LeBron James, “he always says he looked up to and aspired to be like Dr. J. So if there was no Dr. J, then Mike would have never had someone to look up to, and if there was no Mike, then there’s no guys like myself who looked up to Mike.”

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