J.PERIOD x OutKast: ReFixed (Recorded Live)


In honor of the 23rd Anniversary of Outkast's debut album, SouthernPlayalistic..., J.PERIOD & Vibe Magazine pay tribute with J.PERIOD Presents... OutKast: ReFixed, a new mixtape featuring a blend of classic Kast and newly-minted J.PERIOD remixes, and exclusive cover art from master illustrator Dan Lish. Recorded live at Art Of Storytellin' Brooklyn, OutKast: ReFixed is a clear reminder of why this duo will forever remain one of hip hop's greatest groups. Re-imagining "B.O.B." over "Panda," "Art of Storytellin" over "Children's Story," "Skew It on the BBQ" over "Truffle Butter" and more, J.PERIOD amplifies classic Dre and Big Boi verses in new musical contexts, illuminating their lyrical brilliance in a whole new way. Cement their status: Outkast are legends.

Artwork: Dan Lish | Recorded Live in Brooklyn, NY, March 25, 2017

Track Listing

1. Da Art of Storytellin’
2. Children’s Storytellin’ feat Slick Rick (J.PERIOD ReFix)
3. Skew It On The Truffle feat Raekwon (J.PERIOD ReFix)
4. Rosa Parks
5. Rosa Goodness (J.PERIOD ReFix)
6. Abstract Wheels of Steel (J.PERIOD ReFix)
7. Wheels of Steel
8. Humble Mumble
9. In Da Wind feat Trick Daddy & Cee-Lo
10. Hot Elevators (J.PERIOD ReFix)
11. Luchini So Fresh (J.PERIOD ReFix)
12. International Cell Therapy (J.PERIOD ReFix)
13. International Player’s Anthem
14. Bombs Over Panda (J.PERIOD ReFix)
15. Kryptonite Coco (J.PERIOD ReFix)
16. Southernplayalistic…
17. Are You An OutKast? (Interlude)
18. Player’s Ball
19. Player’s Problems feat Jay-Z (J.PERIOD ReFix)
20. Back That Royal Azz (J.PERIOD ReFix)
21. ATLiens Playin Tricks (J.PERIOD ReFix)
22. You’re Sky High (J.PERIOD ReFix)
23. Puttin’ ATL on the Map (Interlude)
24. SpottieOttieDopalicious Gossip feat Ludacris (J.PERIOD ReFix)
25. Liberation (Love Jones ReFix)

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